Financial Independence

An offer to learn how to be financially independent is one that most people would jump at in a heartbeat, provided it works. Like me, if you have a dream of retiring early, this review may just be the best thing you will read today.

The average retirement age in most parts of the world is around 60 – 65 years. I definitely don’t want to be that old before retiring. However, there was a challenge. The challenge was that I didn’t know how best to achieve financial independence.

Thanks to the internet, there are several courses, materials, and tutors that claim to have proven strategies on how to achieve financial independence. Unfortunately, in a sea of such options, it can be quite hard to know which works. One thing they have in common, irrespective of the approach, is that financial independence and early retirement are connected. The former provides the ground for the latter.

That said, one of the names I came across in my search for what works is Mitchell Weijerman’s Early Retirement Club. What is this club about? How does it work? What does it offer? Who is behind it? How do I join the club?

All of these and more were my questions. For many who may have also come across Mitchell or the ERC, I am sure they have similar questions. This is why I am writing this review to share my research and consequent experience as a member of the club.

This review is quite lengthy, but I promise you it’s worth the read, especially if you have plans to join the club or are just curious about the whole thing. So, let’s begin.

Addressing the elephant in the room – Who is Mitchell Weijerman?

Let’s start with the most common question you may have on this.

Who is the brain behind the Early Retirement Club? His name is Mitchell Weijerman. If you type in ‘Mitchell Weijerman’ into Google’s search bar, the first few results that will pop up include his social media accounts, the club’s landing page, a few pictures, and other bits.

As a way of introduction, Mitchell Weijerman is the kind of guy who has been there and done it all – I mean the employee & salary life. Mitchell retired at the age of 28. Before his retirement, he was involved in several businesses.

According to a post on his LinkedIn account, Mitchell quit his work in the hallowed Silicon Valley because he was tired of the mental rut of working long hours to earn regular paychecks. He wanted to be free financially. So he left in 2017. In the same year, he floated four businesses. All of which failed. In the year that followed, Mitchell had his first big break. He made his first seven-figure sales in the fifth business he started.

In 2021, the same business made Mitchell his first 8 figures in sales. Mitchell would later try investment. He recorded some losses in his early years of investment. His losses pushed him to seek financial education. His decision to get financially educated finally paid off. Mitchell developed investment strategies that turned his luck around. And with that, he was able to build wealth and retire at the age of 28.

Since retirement, Mitchell has taught his investment strategies within the ambit of the club. It’s worth noting that Mitchell is from Holland. He has a broad range of knowledge and experience in disciplines like economics, management, marketing, cryptocurrency mining, etc.

Is Mitchell Weijerman a scam? Can he be trusted?

That’s a decision you have to make. Beyond this review, you should also do your due diligence. However, I am trusting that this review will help you in your decision.

That said, here are a few reasons why I trusted Mitchell Weijerman’s Early Retirement Club’s claims:

  1. Mitchell Weijerman is a real person that interfaces with real people in interviews, podcasts. On LinkedIn, Mitchell Weijerman has 10,000 plus followers. He talks about finances, investments and gets responses from real people. I am yet to see or read any rebuttal or counter from anyone on his page talking about being scammed and what not.
  2. The Early retirement club is all about education first. The ERC isn’t an investment scheme that tells you to bring an X amount for a Y amount of gain. It’s a step-by-step program that takes you from strategy to investing and then to profit. In addition, the ERC is a community where you can get support from like-minded people and learn from them as well.
  3. His philosophies and perspective about finances and investments resonated with mine.
  4. The testimonials of people who are members of the Early Retirement Club

How Did I Discover Mitchell Weijerman and the Early Retirement Club?

This is where it gets a bit personal. However, I am only sharing this because I believe it may help you.

I discovered Mitchell Weijerman and the ERC in the early months of 2023. But before I tell you how, a little background story about me. I am 35 years old. I have been employed for close to 7 years. I work as a store manager in a retail store.

My salary is not so great. There aren’t so many work benefits. Bear in mind that I have a dream to retire early. But here I am working for long hours, but not earning enough. I started thinking of what to do. I started learning and searching for answers. In the course of my research, I found out that investments can help me build wealth and retire early.

So, I started learning how to invest in stocks, bonds, ETFs, cryptocurrency and the likes. Cryptocurrencies were getting more popular, so I thought it would be great to start with. So I invested in cryptocurrencies with the monies I had saved up. I had no advisor. I was just feeding on the information I got online. Long story short, I invested in a particular coin hoping it will gain value when the market goes bullish.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t so. If you are familiar with the cryptocurrency market, you’d know it’s been experiencing some downturn since 2021. But I was still hopeful that the market would recover.

However in 2022, after the FTX saga, the market crashed the most. My investments depreciated to less than a quarter of the initial capital. I was terribly affected. Then I made up my mind that I wasn’t going to venture into any form of investments in the future. Later after reviewing what happened, I concluded that I lost so much because I had no one guiding me.

So, I modified my resolution. I resolved that I will not engage in any form of investments without a mentor. Fast forward to 2023. I was on LinkedIn when I randomly stumbled on Mitchell’s post as shared by one of my connections. He was talking about personal finances. I loved what he shared. So I proceeded to his page where I binged on most of his content. This was how I discovered his story and the Early Retirement club that he runs. Now as a member of the ERC, I am learning about several classes of investment opportunities that I never knew about. The ERC course has exposed me to investment assets like staking, crypto mining, lending, watches, P2P, Real estate, stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, etc.

Factors that influenced me to join the Early Retirement club?

1. The simplicity of the program

During my search for answers on how to be financially independent, I came across a lot of materials. From videos to random online courses. A bulk of the materials didn’t define a simple pathway to how I can be financially free.

The Early retirement club, for instance, has a defined phase-by-phase strategy to help professionals earn passive income and ultimately be financially free. The materials I found online were just suggesting where to invest. None provided a guide on what I should do. The ERC lessons were simple to digest. Assignments are also given per lesson.

2. Mentorship offer

I learnt about the importance of a mentor the hard way. During my foray into crypto investments, I didn’t realize the importance of a mentor until I lost a big chunk of money. Now I know better. The Early Retirement Club offer comes with a direct mentorship package with Mitchell Weijerman. That means I get to ask Mitchell questions about anything finance-related. The other advisors on the team have also been super helpful.

3. The ERC community model

There are not so many online financial education platforms that operate like a community. As great a personalized teaching is, a community offers even a better learning curve. The community mirrors the physical type of classroom where you can interact and network with fellow professionals.

4. 24/7 support

As a newbie getting to know how to properly invest, I am curious about a lot of things. My curiosity most times becomes questions. Some other times, I need an extra eye to guide through processes. Thanks to Mitchell and the team at Early Retirement Club, their support has been 100%.

5. Accountability

This is yet another reason why I like the Early Retirement Club. As a newbie, I needed someone who I can periodically share my progress with. Someone that will motivate me to take the steps I need to take.

Someone that will encourage me to make the necessary sacrifices. The ERC program easily does this for me. In the ERC program, one of the preliminary things that new members do is form accountability buddies. With an accountability buddy, I became more intentional about putting the lessons into actions.

6. Testimonials of people who are getting results within the club

Everyone loves a success story. Before I registered for the Early Retirement club, I combed the club’s website and Mitchell’s online accounts to see what people are saying about it. The reviews and testimonials that I found were convincing enough for me to sign up.

7. His free training

There is a free 35+ minutes training video on the Early Retirement club’s website. I went through this video and I was blown away by Mitchell’s understanding of how the world economic and financial market operates. I was taken by his story. I loved how he explained his journey from being a nine-fiver to being an investor who now helps others. I loved how he taught investments in a simple language that an average person can understand.

How to get into the Early Retirement Club

If by any chance you have been convinced by my review so far, and you want in, do the following:

  • Research: I stated earlier how it’s important that you do your due diligence before deciding. How can you do that? Ask questions especially on LinkedIn. If Mitchell Weijerman or the ERC have been involved in shady business, LinkedIn is one platform to find out.
  • Furthermore, go online and read reviews from genuine sources like this. Check for inconsistencies. Make your decision.
  • Visit the ERC’s website
  • Take the free training by going through the video. Ensure you actively listen and take down notes.
  • Schedule a call with the ERC team.


Financial Independence

The ERC program modules

When you sign up for the Early Retirement Club program, you will be taken through three modules:

Module 1 is called rewiring your brain. This module takes new members through a journey of unlearning, and learning new things about the psychology of money making. The aim of the module is to help members reassess their perspective, habits and experiences that have shaped how they relate with money.

Module 2 takes members through how to craft an investment plan. The ERC doesn’t just spoon feed members with viable investment assets. The course is designed to help members know how the investment space works.

Module 3 is all about creating real life investment strategies that yields returns. This is where members start committing their money to buy assets.

What other people are saying about the Early Retirement Club

Testimonials are relevant when trying to assess the authenticity of products/services. So allow me to share a few testimonials I found on the ERC’s website.

This is a paraphrase of their stories and experiences after joining the Early Retirement Club. Actual statements will be enclosed in quotation marks. To watch the interview and testimonial videos, use this link.

So, here goes:

Jeff, as he was called in the video, is a father of four, a businessman who owns a car repair shop. He revealed in an interview with Mitchell that he had no concrete plan for investment despite wanting to retire. His savings in the bank only attract little returns. He was even ripped off in a crypto investments he did before he found ERC. In three months, Jeff was able to make 20% more than his monthly income. – Jean-Francois Blanchette

Damian was one of the first few members that joined the ERC community when it started. Damian has a lot of knowledge on how the crypto space works but his knowledge wasn’t converting to money. He has been a part of a lot of financial education communities. He joined the ERC to give another shot to acquiring knowledge. Lucky for him, ERC was more than a knowledge sharing community. Now he has a diversified portfolio of $25k since joining the ERC – Damian Gakes

Issam is a 32 years old digital marketing manager who lives in Europe. Issam was looking for the perfect investment program that will help him make money in his sleep. He was looking for a financial advisor before he saw Mitchell’s post on his LinkedIn feed. That single post took him to Mitchell’s profile. He went through most of Mitchell’s posts after which he booked a call.

Issam liked the idea of an exclusive community of investors that fosters interaction and joint learning. So he decided to give ERC a shot. Now Issam has a broad investment portfolio which includes ETFs, cryptocurrency, real estate flipping, etc. He also uses his knowledge to guide new members in the community. Some of his favorite takeaways from the course are real estate flipping and crypto asset security lessons. – Issam Saed

Jaap met Mitchell Weijerman at a business party in Dubai. He would later see Mitcheel doing an advert for ERC on Instagram. Before then, Jaap was looking for a business coach. So, Jaap signed up for ERC. Two months down the line, Jaap said he has learnt how to master his finances, and build investment strategies. He added that ‘the ideas and values shared in the community is worth every penny’. – Jaap

Christos follows an Instagram handle where Mitchell Weijerman’s story was shared. He did his own research and then decided to sign up. In a few weeks of joining the ERC community, Christos has learnt how to invest with a plan and not with emotions. – Christos

Alexandra says she had no clue about investment before joining the ERC community. In two months, Alexandra says she now knows a lot more about investments. ‘I feel a lot smarter’ ‘My goals and vision got a lot clearer’. “I will recommend the Early Retirement Club to everyone who wants to invest in their future. I am very happy I have made that choice. All the information we get is very clear and very useful. And it’s also nice to be a part of a community with like-minded people” – Alexandra

Leo joined ERC because he wanted to learn about passive income and investing. He has been a part of financial education communities in the past. He added that Mitchell’s content is amazing. It’s super concise and it’s super easy to get started with especially for anyone who is looking to get into the passive income and investment game’.

Mitchell has done a fantastic job in outlining the steps in the video course and also in the Pdfs”. “If anyone is considering Mitchell’s course, I highly recommend it. Having been part of tons of online masterminds, this is by far one of the best ones out there. If you are on the fence, definitely give it a go.” – Leo

Thimo was looking for knowledge on how to invest his excess cash and manage his current investments. “My experience thus far is that Mitchell offers a no nonsense approach”. I definitely recommend this club to anyone, starter or experienced investors. “I consider myself lucky to be a part of it” – Thimo

Leroy joined the ERC because he wanted to retire early. He claims his experience so far has been positive. ‘Everything is explained very clearly’ he added. “Right now, I will definitely recommend to anyone who has money left in the month, so they can grow a passive income with the money they have left.” – Leroy

Dirk is super happy with the course because Mitchell explained everything about how he became financially free. “It’s basically a complete course on investing which you can do with a little bit of money or a lot of money. “If you want to buy a course or coaching, this is the one to go for because I bought a lot of course last year about investing, this is definitely the best one”

“I am super happy with it, and if you are on the line to join, then I am 100% sure you won’t regret it”. – Dirk

Final Thoughts

Money is a very important tool in our current world. It’s one of the reasons why we work. We all want lots of it. We want the comfort and convenience that it affords. Sadly, we can’t work forever. Nature won’t allow us. So, it’s important to make plans for the times when we can’t work. Even better, the sooner you become financially stable, the sooner you can stop working.

The freedom of choice that comes with being financially independent is so beautiful. The freedom to go where you like. Eat what you want, and enjoy the best things of life. It all starts with one decision. You’d agree that a salary, however big it is, won’t take care of your needs forever. The best time therefore to start investing is now. The ERC is the perfect place to get started.